Monthly Archives: September 2016

I’m back, well sorta…I hope!!!


It’s nearly October and it’s 2016. Since last year I haven’t posted a drop of writing. Why? I had loads to say then but now it’s old news. This has been a year and some. Obviously life does not remain static – that is of course unless you are dead. So where should I begin?

OK – January 2016. That was a happy time! I graduated, wore my little mortar board hat and ting, gown, dress, high-heels ( I did not trip and fall on my face. It’s actually recorded and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did not do my usual walk like a cockroach stamp. I looked quite elegant ( Yes! Hilary and Yvonne). And that was that! I kinda miss my post-graduate days. The camaraderie in the study group was great and it definitely gave me my creative fix! So graduation was also a sad time. I said goodbye to my foreign colleagues who were still around. I’m an alumni now ( whatever, that means )
So it was back to the drudgery of my job which I hated.

Which brings me down to May. Work was awful. Monotonous, unfriendly colleagues, horrible team leader, back in de boon-docks area. It did nothing for me. They were vanilla ice-cream and I was rum and raisin. Like the two flavours this was not a harmonious pairing. And so we parted ways after seven years of co-existing. Rum and raisin could never be a choc-ice flavour after all.

July – The Rio Olympics! I love them! Russia had to take a back seat! Team GB was brilliant! Biggest ever medal haul. The London legacy is intact and elite sports is safe and sound. I think that more places for free sport need be open. We have bored energetic adolescents running around the cities forming gangs, finding things to do that they shouldn’t, being exploited and then killing each other. Think of pouring all that anger, boredom and energy in sport and activities to put them in a better frame of mind. What is the Sports and Culture Minister doing about this? Sport and the creative industry are both money spinners. The days for transferring money and shares to make more money are almost over. Look at the current rate of interest 0.5% not that I have any money to spend on shares…

So that brings me to now. I’m still job-hunting. I have thrown my net wide and far but unfortunately no fish have bitten yet. I have been on several interviews, think I’ve done ok but there you go. I am however happier not working where I was although I would love to be doing something now.
Ah What else? BREXIT – omg! I am traumatised! What the hell is going on? One good thing about it – they got rid of George Osborne. He is a psychopathic number cruncher. Can imagine he wanted to cut the amount of disability benefit and this would not have made a bit of difference. I don’t think that austerity is going to end but maybe it will be more fairly shared.

Then there’s the US elections. Those are scary. The Donald, the president, oh no! He’s absolutely stark raving BONKERS!! If the race to the elections was not about taking the most powerful position possibly in the Western World, I’d think this whole circus show of a run-up, a bit of reality TV comedy. But this is real and my fear of his possible win in November grows stronger as each month passes! US will be ruled by a racist, misogynist, ignorant but powerful prig! Ok rant over.

Finally, relationship 101. Ladies, your children are breastfed, not your men. It’s called weaning for a reason. Ok enough said…of course until next time.