Monthly Archives: January 2016

2016 what next?


New year new beginnings…New Year’s eve is almost like a ritual. We are forced to say that we have to make a change for the better in the coming new year. I’ve stopped making resolutions, I don’t care for them and I never kept them, or they went out the window during the time frame when they really mattered.
I almost hate the forensic examination of the past year and micro examination of the things we did not do and the things we should have done. It’s as if these decisions would have prevented the pain of learning a lesson that needed teaching…
Would our possible actions prevented the outcomes that have resulted? If not, would the doing or not doing of something, have made us feel better? Probably not!

Anyhow, this is not to say that you should not consider change. But, I think you should not wait until the New Year to pile up a list of changes that are likely to topple over like a tower of unsteady books. I say go easy on yourself. Yes, think things through – What are the pros and cons of the changes you wish to make. Remember as well, that while a change may resolve an immediate issue, it is also likely to affect other parts of your life, possibly unintended and unrelated and most probably overlooked. This may be a “pro” or “con”, dependent on the consequence. This may also be the trigger to motivate or end a quest for change.

I have kept it simple this year. My change is that I want to
say “No” more. And not explain why I have decided to. When a child says “No” they mean it! We don’t question them why although we might persuade them to change their mind. I intend on being like a child when saying “No”. I did it this morning to somebody’s request, and man, it felt so good! But that’s another topic..

Ok I’ve rambled on enough, Happy New Year to you. Hopefully this posting hasn’t bored you to tears!