Review: Dark Wine Waters: a Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows


I am learning about the work and creative process through fellow writers. Grief…there is a technique of expressing this as well. This indeed is food for thought

Writing Grief

IMG_2851Frances Simone found me through this very website and asked if I could add her book to my list of resources.  She also kindly sent me a copy of the book.

When I think of grief memoirs, I don’t often think about addiction. Which is kind of funny because my father was an alcoholic and all of his health problems, and his subsequent death, were the result of his addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.  If I do think about addiction as a topic for memoir I mostly think of books told from the point of view of the addict:  the addict who fell to the lowest point in their lives then scraped their way out of a dark hole to recovery.

One reason why I believe Dark Wine Waters is a good resource is that in this book we get the point of view of the codependent, someone who experiences the…

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Yep I'm a budding writer at the ripe old age guess! I started creative writing formally about 2 years ago. I decided to study the craft of writing and believe you me, there's alot of work in that. I hope to keep on at this but I have to admit that my mind tends to wonder when I'm stuck or bored...I'm such a child!

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