My fat jeans experience – the perils of a macho-belly!


I’m well excited!  We got our Wonder Core II ™ workout centre. It’s supposed to help me get rid of my Buddha belly.  I used to have abs of steel but life and Dunlop® has a way of creeping around your waist.

The fight to stay trim is a daily battle.  I know that they have this whole movement towards body confidence and the fight against Size-ism but we have to be honest here, having a tire around your waist is uncomfortable as well as unattractive.

Oh my gosh! I can hear the the collective howling at my words!  Let me finish here…I don’t know about you, but I was not exactly a coca-cola bottle shape when I was slim.  My curves were there but not generous, in fact quite average but now Mr Dunlop® has taken residence I’m more like an apple than a pear.

So I go to the shops and try on some  jeans.  I always go for those with a bit of lycra™. I slide my foot into my size ( 14 UK /10/12 US )  jeans leg.  It goes right up to three-quarters of my thighs.  I slide on the next leg and its the same. And then the shimmying begins.  Eventually I am able to button the waist and squeeze the zip.  I feel my tire transform into a muffin top. I look at the back and they fit my bum well. Then I look my legs look sleek – sorta.  But then I face the mirror and what I see is not good.  Muffin top and “CT” are on show.  The trousers are so snug that the crotch has created two mandarin pegs.  I just want to hide in horror!  I call the shop assistant and go a size up. I slides up easily, it zips up easily and buttons up easily. I’m a size up.  I turn around frontways and I look as though I’m wearing a cod-piece.  I got “CT” of an even larger dimension now.

I eventually give up and opt for an empire waisted dress instead. It was either that or try on a pair of maternity jeans.  That realisation alone is enough motivate me to whip those abs into shape!




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  1. You brought up a great point here that I extend to all my patients (I am a dietitian/health coach):
    “Aim for the size you feel comfortable with”
    I don’t like to look at BMI charts or what society thinks is best to look like, but I also agree with you that if you are not comfortable with your own weight then maybe it’s something to work on; simply to be healthy:)


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