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So let’s talk about the “R” word


Well as you can see from my tagline, I’m a Trini ( well in my heart at least) My father was born in the green green hills of Laventille  at a time when it was considered prime property and the place to be.  I have heard from rumours that my Dad has some Panamanian and Bajan connection – my great grandmother was allegedly Bacra – ( apparently that means a white person who was born in the French West Indies  ie a “Creole” and of African heritage ).  ok so she was mixed race.  My Aunt and my Dad used to talk of “Mammy” with the big plaits to her waist.   That was on his Mum’s side.  My grandfather was supposed to be a seaman from Panama.

So what does this have to do with the “R” word.  In fact what is the “R” word?

Well recently my motherland and fatherland had elections.  My Mum is from Guyana and in terms of demography is the closest in population composition to that of Trinidad.  Power and politics are divided along the same lines – race.

The racial division is between those of mainly African Descent and those of East Indian descent.  There is definite evidence of this within both Trinidad’s and Guyana’s diasphora.  I maintain that this is as a result of European Colonialism and the values that that system brought.

You see, the African population had been considered to be property, as in livestock. When Slavery was outlawed in 1834 in these territories, those that owned such “property” carried on a campaign to dehumanise this population.  Darwinism, caricature and media propaganda were utilised for this purpose. Blacks were savages, cannibals, dumb and the descendants of Apes. We were inferior and stupid and would not know how to live as a human being.  Hence, sowed the seeds for present racist sentiment.  As you can see from this simple example, it’s a fallacy.

So, in order to keep the rivalry of the new labour group pumped up the British Government allowed Indian Indentured families to migrate to the Caribbean with the promise of land in exchange for their labour. From the beginning the economic disparity was deliberately created. Of course, the attitudes and views of the Colonizer were passed down to this group therefore perpetuating the racial attitudes.  This rivalry exists up to this day.

Unfortunately, until this gap is closed and real effort is made to provide avenues for healing, these sentiments will prevail. Nationhood is still to be achieved even though these territories attained independence from the Colonizer. We have to dispel this fallacy of race and put country first.  The challenge therefore is to find creative and innovative ways to create wealth in order for both groups to enjoy.  But maybe I’m talking about Utopia…sigh

My fat jeans experience – the perils of a macho-belly!


I’m well excited!  We got our Wonder Core II ™ workout centre. It’s supposed to help me get rid of my Buddha belly.  I used to have abs of steel but life and Dunlop® has a way of creeping around your waist.

The fight to stay trim is a daily battle.  I know that they have this whole movement towards body confidence and the fight against Size-ism but we have to be honest here, having a tire around your waist is uncomfortable as well as unattractive.

Oh my gosh! I can hear the the collective howling at my words!  Let me finish here…I don’t know about you, but I was not exactly a coca-cola bottle shape when I was slim.  My curves were there but not generous, in fact quite average but now Mr Dunlop® has taken residence I’m more like an apple than a pear.

So I go to the shops and try on some  jeans.  I always go for those with a bit of lycra™. I slide my foot into my size ( 14 UK /10/12 US )  jeans leg.  It goes right up to three-quarters of my thighs.  I slide on the next leg and its the same. And then the shimmying begins.  Eventually I am able to button the waist and squeeze the zip.  I feel my tire transform into a muffin top. I look at the back and they fit my bum well. Then I look my legs look sleek – sorta.  But then I face the mirror and what I see is not good.  Muffin top and “CT” are on show.  The trousers are so snug that the crotch has created two mandarin pegs.  I just want to hide in horror!  I call the shop assistant and go a size up. I slides up easily, it zips up easily and buttons up easily. I’m a size up.  I turn around frontways and I look as though I’m wearing a cod-piece.  I got “CT” of an even larger dimension now.

I eventually give up and opt for an empire waisted dress instead. It was either that or try on a pair of maternity jeans.  That realisation alone is enough motivate me to whip those abs into shape!



Review: Dark Wine Waters: a Husband of a Thousand Joys and Sorrows


I am learning about the work and creative process through fellow writers. Grief…there is a technique of expressing this as well. This indeed is food for thought

Writing Grief

IMG_2851Frances Simone found me through this very website and asked if I could add her book to my list of resources.  She also kindly sent me a copy of the book.

When I think of grief memoirs, I don’t often think about addiction. Which is kind of funny because my father was an alcoholic and all of his health problems, and his subsequent death, were the result of his addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.  If I do think about addiction as a topic for memoir I mostly think of books told from the point of view of the addict:  the addict who fell to the lowest point in their lives then scraped their way out of a dark hole to recovery.

One reason why I believe Dark Wine Waters is a good resource is that in this book we get the point of view of the codependent, someone who experiences the…

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My very first Blog. And I don’t know what the hell I’m doing


Who I am and Why I’m Here…Day One.

Hello fellow 101 Bloggers

For the past few hours I have been trying to navigate my way around the site and get used to all the bits and bobs they have. I have no idea what I’m going to blog about or who will actually take the time to read it.
I am a a Facebooker for years – I would say over 20 years. It’s changing…too many ad sense ads on my page and worst yet, these ads lying to my friends that I like or love their product or service, which actually would NOT be a product that I would like or love!
I am no stranger to social media. I’ve got a twitter account. I used to be on it quite a bit but now its like the written equivalent of Instagram – or a Selfie on paper. And again, ad companies tweet and follow you till your tweet page ends up looking like Gumtree.
I guess having a commercial follower is a good thing right? Or maybe not… That’s the way of the world now